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Version History


This is the initial release of Legizmo Kincaid.


  • A new Welcome experience has been implemented to guide new users through the setup process
  • The app’s design and layout, along with its icon, have been reworked with improved textual hints
  • Sensitive information shown in the app (e.g. device name) is redacted from screenshots and screen recordings

Pairing Support

  • Adds support for the watchOS 9 release up to 9.3.x
  • Older Apple Watches that no longer receive updates from Apple, that are not running their latest available update, should now be supported by Legizmo
  • Adds Post-Pairing Steps, to maintain pairing between < iOS 16 and watchOS 9 devices that were paired on watchOS 9.0 Developer Beta 3 or newer

Compatibility Fixes

  • Compatibility Fixes are now collectively referred to as the Feature Support component of Legizmo
  • The Apps Support fix now allows development applications to be installed on paired Apple Watches
  • The Apps Support fix now allows non-standalone apps requiring watchOS 9.0 or newer to be installed when bundled with an iOS app
  • The Now Playing fix has improved support for AirPlay destinations being selected on the Watch

Compatibility Check

  • The Compatibility Check results now more accurately reflect the current device’s capabilities without needing to remove Pairing Support if it is installed
  • Improved Compatibility Check results for Watch hardware that is no longer supported by Apple
  • The Watch pairing code scanner now uses a rectangular reticle similar to the Watch app rather than the previous blue circle

Watch Services

  • The Watch Services restart now includes a number of additional daemons to improve connection restoration

Post-Pairing Steps

If you are pairing a device that is already running watchOS 9.0 or newer, you will need Legizmo’s Post-Pairing Steps to ensure it remains paired after the Watch reboots. If Post-Pairing Steps are not performed, your Watch will erase itself soon after it next reboots.

Legizmo is designed to notify you when you need to perform Post-Pairing Steps, which is at the end of the initial synchronisation process. Tapping the notification banner will take you directly to Post-Pairing Steps in the Legizmo app, which can also be accessed from the Pairing Support menu.

If your Watch was paired on a version prior to watchOS 9.0, and you are updating to 9.0 or newer, you will not need to run Post-Pairing Steps unless you unpair and subsequently re-pair the Watch to your phone running Legizmo.

In some cases, the Legizmo app may indicate you need to run Post-Pairing Steps when your Watch was paired on watchOS 8 or older, however this is because the version history of the Watch is not recorded. Running Post-Pairing Steps on these Watches will not cause harm, however is not necessary.