Jailbroken iOS tweak


All your batteries, at a glance

kai will show any Bluetooth device that provides battery information, meaning you can check the battery of your phone, your watch, your AirPods, and your AirPods case, all from the lock screen. Quickly and easily.


kai works with many, many lock screen tweaks, such as Kalm, Grupi, Axon, Quart, Complications, Watermelon, Veza, QuickLS, Jellyfish, and way more!

Make it yours

kai comes with a multitude of customization options, so you can fine-tune your settings to fit you and your setup.

Big and Bold, or small and simple

kai offers two main options for displaying battery information. (a) Vertical mode, to make kai fit in with your notifications, and (b) horizontal mode, an unobtrusive, scrollable, and tiny mode that doesn’t take up any more space on your lock screen than it needs to.

Full feature/option list

  • Option to hide the large battery view coversheet charging animations on the lock screen
  • Show all or just charging devices on kai
  • Option to show Bluetooth devices always, and the phone just when charging
  • Option to hide device glyphs on kai cells
  • Option to hide percent label on kai cells
  • Option to hide the device name label on kai cells
  • Two-axis options, a vertical mode, or horizontal mode
  • Choose between adaptive, light, or dark mode for kai’s cells
  • Choose between adaptive, white, or black text for labels on kai’s cells
  • Choose to align kai to the left, right, or center for vertical mode
  • Option to show kai above or below music player
  • Adjust kai cell height
  • Adjust kai banner width
  • Adjust the spacing between kai cells vertically
  • Adjust the spacing between kai cells horizontally
  • Manual offset option for the x-axis
  • Adjust device glyph size
  • Adjust kai cell corner radius
  • Adjust kai cell background blur alpha


Special thanks to my amazing beta testers in the server I co-own with Thomz. I could not have tested kai so extensively and brought it to where it is today without them. Thanks to Thomz for making kai’s icon, and depiction screenshots, and Thenatis for helping with design, and for making the banner for kai. Additionally, kai is inspired by LaughingQuoll’s Maple tweak series and Apple’s AirPower design. kai was built with inspiration from this. However, the main reason I made kai is because the Maple series does not work with notification grouping tweaks like Axon and Grupi. Additionally, kai features a wider range of customization options.

Socials and Support

If you are encountering issues, or simply wish to reach out, you can contact me at my email (carsondzielinski@gmail.com) or join the Discord server I co-own with Thomz to get support.

Refund Policy

Change of mind refunds are allowed within 48 hours. You will be refunded if a major reproducible bug is found and I cannot fix it within 7 days’ time. You must be able to provide a crash log (if applicable), and/or screenshots showing the issue. A refund request may be denied at my discretion if you are rude or use vulgar language. I would like to help you as quickly as possible, so please make sure you can include as much information as possible in your initial email to me. Accidental purchases will be refunded if you contact me within 48 hours. Please note I try to respond to emails ASAP. If I am away for an extended time frame (> 7 days), I will turn on vacation responder and I will get back to you as soon as I return. Refunds based on my product not working with another tweak will be accepted or denied at my discretion, although I of course will try my best to make the two tweaks compatible before refunding.

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Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 12.0 - 13.5.1. Jailbreak required.

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