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Giving you the customization your phone needs.

Joe allows you to customize your phone in many ways


Home Screen

  • Remove Dock Background
  • Remove Folder Backgrounds
  • Remove Page Dots
  • Remove App Labels
  • Remove Testflight Dot
  • Remove Notification Badges
  • Disable App Library
  • Remove App Library Blue
  • Hide Folder Title
  • Disable Icon Fly
  • Disable iPad Dock
  • Set Number of Dock Icons

Lock Screen and Notification Settings

  • Hide Quick Actions
  • Hide Date
  • Use Compact Date Format
  • Hide “No Older Notifications”
  • Hide Home Bar
  • Hide Control Center Grabber
  • Disable Today View
  • Notification Background Color (beta)
  • Set Notification Corner Radius

System-wide Settings

  • Disable Status Bar
  • Replace Time Text
  • Replace Carrier Text

Color Settings

Status Bar

  • Time Text Color
  • Carrier Label Color
  • Battery Percentage Color
  • Active Wifi Bars Color
  • Inactive Wifi Bars Color
  • Battery Outline Color
  • Battery Fill Color
  • Battery Bolt Color
  • Airplane Mode Icon Color

Home Screen

  • Dock Background Color

Thank you to Hydrate and iCraze for helping me test and to captinc for helping me fix a bug!

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

  • a very important drm fix