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Modernize Your Lock Screen

Inspired by the watchOS Motion face, Jellyfish aims to make your Lock screen more modern, more beautiful, and more useful.

Jellyfish refreshes the Lock screen with a beautiful new design, emphasizing both the time and date. The date takes its colour from your wallpaper, creating a beautiful blended effect, while still retaining its legibility.

Jellyfish also adds weather to your Lock screen, so you can always view it at a quick glance. While adding this new level of information, your Lock screen retains its simplicity, avoiding a cluttered look. Additionally, a weather icon complements Jellyfish’s design while providing you with a beautiful visual of the conditions in your area.

Jellyfish is customizable, so you can fit it to your setup with ease. Change the orientation, font weight, font size, override the colour, and even the date format. It can also integrate with Music colouring tweaks, such as ColorFlow and Artsy. If you like living on the edge, you can even customize Jellyfish’s transparency, position from the edge of your screen and color saturation using the Advanced settings.

Jellyfish is the perfect addition to any lock screen setup, download now!

What’s New in Version 1.6.5

  • Adds an option to remove the text shadow for Jellyfish
  • Fixed a bug causing colors set by other tweaks to not behave as expected
  • Jellyfish color changes now have a fading animation