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Version History


  • Add compatibility with MessageUnread.


  • Update Root.plist for libJCX v1.1.1 (fixed Twitter avatar in Preferences)
  • Update for Alderis v1.1


  • Improved launch speed by up to 5x by optimising conversation comparison
  • Added version specifier to DEBIAN/control to accept Alderis Color Picker and Alderis alone


  • Fixed crash when using Quick Switch on early versions of iOS 13


  • Fixed crash when hiding conversations on early versions of iOS 13


  • New:
  • Added ability to select a default conversation list
  • Added ability to show badges from muted conversations
  • Added ability to enable/disable Quick Switch
  • Added unread conversation list
  • Added untagged conversation list
  • Fixes:
  • Fixed continual lag in Messages on devices with large numbers of conversations
  • Fixed Messages App Store icon appearing as the Photos application icon
  • Fixed back button in Messages not working under certain circumstances
  • Fixed Iris button not hiding properly
  • Fixed current list not persisting after closing Messages
  • Refinements:
  • Cleaned up tag selection alert appearance and behaviour


  • Fixed crashes on earlier versions of iOS 13


  • Initial release