Jailbroken iOS tweak


Ever think 'iDunnoU?'. Use this tweak to pin, hide, secure, and block conversations like clockwork.


  • Automatically hide conversations from unknown senders
  • Swipe left on a conversation to pin/unpin
  • Swipe right on a conversation to hide/unhide
  • Swipe right on a conversation to block/unblock
  • Enter edit mode to reorder pinned conversations
  • Secure the unknown sender list with Face ID, Touch ID, or passcode
  • Automatically sync all lists to iCloud

Configuration Options

Main Preferences

  • Enabled

Activation Preferences

  • Show iDunnoU Button
  • Toggle with Shake
  • Toggle with Volume Buttons
  • Toggle with Ringer Switch

Badge Preferences

  • Hide Badges from Unknown Senders
  • Hide iDunnoU Button Badge

Security Preferences

  • Secure Unknown Sender List
  • Show iDunnoU Button after Authentication
  • Auto-Hide Unknown Sender List
  • Hide Swipe Actions

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Sold by
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Supports iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 13.0 - 13.7. Jailbreak required.

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