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Harpy Reloaded


Harpy Reloaded

The best way to manage your local network. Control who has access to your local network and hotspots with ease.


  • List all devices on your local network, and hotspot
  • View devices hostname, mac address and more
  • Block devices from connecting to the internet*

Known issues:

  • Some devices and/or networks may not be blocked when using the WiFi tab, as they are able to ignore the ARP spoofing. If a target device is still able to connect to the internet, go to advanced settings and turn down the time between packets.


Only use this application on networks that you own or have permission. Using this application on a network without permission may have legal repercussions, and the author is not responsible them.

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

  • Add support for iPad
  • Fix iPad having small modals when clicking cells
  • Attempting to fix some devices auto closing cells on open