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If you previously purchased Goji on Dynastic or Packix, claim your purchase to receive a 50% discount on Goji Pro.

This is Goji Pro. The Goji you know and love, entirely reimagined.

Goji Pro features 400 beautifully redesigned icons, a stunning new light mode, a gorgeous dark mode, refined notification badges, settings icons, page dots, and an icon mask for the ultimate Goji experience.

Image Files. Don’t have a jailbroken device? Purchase the image files here.

Wallpapers. Download official Goji wallpapers here.

Icon Requests. Submit a request for your favorite app here.

Refund Policy. If you have purchased Goji Pro and are unhappy for any reason, I offer a 24-hour refund grace period. I will not accept any refund requests thereafter.

For updates about Goji and other work, you can follow me on Twitter.

Created with love by gabehern.

What’s New in Version 1.0.2-1

  • Fix packaging issues that caused download issues