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Emotive Dark


The Dark Side to Emotive


  • 300+ Icons
  • 5+ Alternate Icons
  • Custom Mask

Updates & Support

  • Updates will be frequent, however may be delayed if I am busy.
  • Updates will include new features and fixes and updates to icons.
  • Follow my Twitter For Update ETA’s
  • Join my Discord For Support and News about updates


  • Send your requests here
  • Provide the application name with its Bundle ID
  • Please don’t request icons that have already been requested. To know what has and has not been requested, take a look here

Not Jailbroken? Purchase the image files here

Need Wallpapers? Download Wallpapers here

What’s New in Version 1.0.2

  • 25 Added Icons
  • New Added Alternative Icon
  • 20 Re-designed Icons
  • New Re-Designed Masks