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Circuliser brings a unique music visualiser experience to the lock screen and notification centre on iOS 12 and 13.


  • Fully configurable music visualiser displayed on the LS/NC
  • The ability to use any 2D shape as a way to display frequencies
  • Smooth integration with existing music player setups (works with Flow/ColorFlow fullscreen)
  • Automatic colouring (for Artsy/ColorFlow)

Fully Configurable

Every aspect of the Circuliser experience can be modified to produce the music visualisation that works best for you and the music you listen to. For example, you can tweak:

  • Attack/decay
  • Frequency highlights
  • Size/position
  • Colour (Automatic/Custom, Filled/Outline)
  • FPS
  • Number of points (i.e. the shape)
  • And more…

What’s New in Version 1.0.1

  • Fixed Inky dependency