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Long gone are the days where using a Discord bot was the only way to send data from the phone to the pc easily or using email, introducing Boardy:

Boardy is a tool that allows you to seamlessly sync your clipboard with your PC. It can:

  • Sync text between PC and the iPhone
  • Copy an image from the iPhone to the PC (the other way around is not supported yet).

It features a custom made server that must be installed on the PC for the tweak to work properly. The server can be found at my GitHub.

It is compatible with:

  • macOS (tested from High Sierra to Big Sur)
  • Windows (tested on Windows 10)
  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu 19.10 to 20.10)

What’s New in Version 1.1.2

  • Small changes on preferences to help with setup
  • Fix crashes that would happen if it copied an empty string (which would make the PC also copy an empty string)
  • Stability improvements
  • Code cleanup