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Find your iPhone using your Bluetooth devices. Never search for your iPhone again!

You’ve lost your phone, you know it is in your house, in your bed, or in your bag, but you don’t manage to find it? Just turn ON any of your Bluetooth device two times in a row (or more), and your phone will start ringing, vibrating and flashing!
The only condition for it to work is that your phone has Bluetooth enabled. It will work even if you are in silent mode or in Do Not Disturb.

It works with every Bluetooth device that has been previously paired with your phone (but you can also restrict to chosen devices only, for example if you want it to only work with your AirPods).

The number of repetitions needed to trigger the alert is configurable (up to 5).
Every alert option (ringing, vibration, flash) can be disabled in settings. There is an option to play the ringing crescendo, so that it won’t hurt your ears if your phone was just next to you.
When the alert triggers, it will show a stop button on your iPhone, so that you can cancel the alert.


  • AirPods take about ~5s to connect/disconnect. The process with AirPods is: open the case, wait 5s, close it, wait 5s, open it, wait 5s.
  • The max distance is probably about ~10m. If you want to try the distance you will get with BlueFinder, just put your iPhone in another room and enable your Bluetooth device to see if they auto-connect.

The settings pane allows you to:

  • Choose the number of repetitions needed to trigger the alert (from 1 to 5)
  • Restrict to some Bluetooth devices only
  • Enable/disable each alert option (play sound, vibration, flash blink)
  • Enable/disable the stop button on phone
  • Enable/disable crescendo volume for ringing

iOS Shortcuts Integration

BlueFinder brings actions to trigger the ring functionality from Shortcuts app. It means you can use Siri/SSH/… to search for your phone. You need to install Powercuts library (free) to get them.

Compatible from iOS 11 to iOS 15.

If you encounter any issue with BlueFinder, please contact me and I’ll do my best to fix it. And if I can’t do anything to fix it, I will have no problem to refund your purchase.

Feel free to follow me on my Twitter @AnthoPak to get live updates about my tweaks :)

Demo with AirPods:

Demo with Bose Mini SoundLink:

What’s New in Version 1.1.3

  • Fix “Stop” alert on iOS 16
  • Fix prefs localization on iOS 16