A beautiful timer and alarm screen

betterAlarm is a complete overhaul of the stock iOS timer and alarm screen that appears on the lockscreen.

Main Feature

Instead of two tiny, hard to distinguish stop / snooze buttons, you now have two buttons that occupy the entire screen. Visual cues like a bright background color will help you further find the right button within a second, even when you’re still half asleep. No more trying to identify what’s written on those tiny buttons, or - even worse - accidentally hitting the wrong button.

Smart Snooze

The Smart Snooze feature lets you define a fixed number of maximum snoozes. Each time you press the snooze button, the next time the alarm goes off the snooze button will be a bit smaller than before. When you’ve used your last snooze, there will be no snooze button anymore, forcing you push the stop button and just get up.

Confirm you’re awake

The Require confirmation feature will require your attention when trying to stop an alarm. It can be configured to ask for either a simple additional button click to make sure you hit the right button or give you a math equation. Math equations consist of relatively simple math operations using +, - and *. The alarm won’t stop until you’ve entered the correct solution. If you enter a wrong answer, you’ll be tasked with another equation until you solved one.

Disable Hardware buttons

Have a habit of just pushing your power button to snooze? betterAlarm has you covered. Make use of the Disable Hardware buttons feature and you won’t be able to either snooze or turn off your alarm with the buttons on your phone anymore. This forces you to actually look at the screen (which displays the current time) and maybe you’ll recognize it’s later than you thought.

Keep your next alarm in sight

betterAlarm also can replace the Carrier in your status bar with your next alarm, allowing you to quickly see if an alarm is set right from the lockscreen or Control Center. You can choose if you want to see the time when the alarm goes off, or the time until the alarm goes off (kind of like a timer). The maximum amount of time between now and your alarm in order for the alarm to be displayed can also be configured.

Highly configurable

You can customize a lot about how your new alarm screen looks. Currently supported are:

  • Button position (top / bottom)
  • How much space of the screen each button should take (only if Smart Snooze is disabled)
  • Background Color
  • Text Color
  • Text Size

Each of these options can be set separately for both timer and alarms and also for each button individually. On top of that, you can also customize the color and text size of the clock and the alarm title if you wish so.

I can’t install it, help?

Make sure you have the following repositories in your sources list:

  • BigBoss for PreferenceLoader
  • Dynastic or SparkDev for libsparkcolourpicker