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Customize up to 30 settings for each app, in a clean and friendly UI, easily accessible!

Appaze 2 lets you customize volume, brightness, a bunch of toggles (Wi-Fi, Cellular, Orientation Lock, VPN, …) and custom behaviors (Disable NC/CC, Disable Home Gesture, Hide stock alert and notification banners, …) for a specific app, directly using its 3D Touch menu!
Every time the customized apps are in foreground (open from Home Screen, App Switcher, …) it will set the chosen values. Previous values will be restored every time you exit the app (unless you choose otherwise in settings).

Here is the full list of available settings:

  • Toggles: Orientation Lock, Bluetooth, Cellular, Wi-Fi, Airplane, Do Not Disturb, Auto Brightness, Location, VPN, Auto Screen Lock, Low Power Mode, Night Shift, Ringer, Dark Mode, Reduce White Point
  • Behaviors: Hide Notification banners (The sound/vibration is preserved (contrary to DND) and banner content can be shown in a non-intrusive popup), Hide Stock Alerts (Alerts like Low Battery are hidden and content can be shown in a non-intrusive popup), Disable Home gesture (An alternative method can be chosen from settings to perform Home action), Disable Notification Center gesture, Disable Control Center gesture, Disable Reachability gesture, Disable Activator actions, Hide Home Bar Grabber, Kill all running apps, Play Music, Pause Music
  • Volume
  • Brightness

Here are some basic use cases:

  • Optimize your daily routine:
    Customize your favorite navigation app with a custom volume and brightness, Bluetooth/Location/Cellular ON and Rotation Lock/Wi-Fi OFF
    Customize your favorite video apps with Rotation Lock OFF and Wi-Fi ON and set them to hide intrusive contents like banners and bottom bar
  • Improve your gaming experience:
    Customize your favorite games with Behaviors to prevent accidental gestures or hide intrusive content. Some games can cause unwanted gestures so depending on the game, disable NC/CC/Home/Reachability/Activator gestures. Some notifications or Low Battery alerts can sometimes make you loose a live game. Configure Appaze to hide those intrusive contents so that they won’t disturb you while playing. Content of the hidden notifications/alerts can be shown in a non-intrusive popup to ensure you don’t miss any information. And for those who love to start gaming with no other apps running, there’s a Behavior for that!
  • Protect your privacy:
    Concerned about your privacy? Configure Appaze to only enable Location service on the apps you want. If you use a VPN, you might want to only enable it for some apps, or the opposite, disable it in some apps that require your real location.
  • Don’t get blinded by bright apps:
    You often get blinded at night by apps that don’t support Dark Mode? Enable White Point mode or Smart Invert Colors on the said apps. And since these settings might not fit for a daylight usage, you can configure these toggles to only apply when stock Dark Mode or Night Shift is active!
  • There’re so many scenarios for each app!

It is designed to look as stock and as convenient as possible, so that you can customize it in a matter of seconds.
The UI comes with a Dark and a Light theme, and could be customized to your liking so that it only shows the toggles you’re interested in.

The settings pane allows you to:

  • Change interface style
  • Show/hide each toggles
  • Configure some toggles/behaviors that have specific options
  • Customize new apps and see your currently customized apps
  • Enable/disable restoring previous values for each toggle/behavior/volume/brightness on app exit
  • Show HUD for volume and/or brightness
  • Show Appaze item before stock items in 3D Touch menu
  • Enable smooth brightness change animation
  • And a lot more…

It’s compatible with all devices from iOS 11 to 14. iPad support is included.

It’s also fully compatible with dark mode tweaks (Noctis, Dune, Carbon Dark Mode), and with other tweaks which add items to 3D Touch menus, such as Unsub or QuickPrefs.
If you’re on iOS 12 and your iPhone doesn’t have Force Touch, just install the great Force3DAppShortcuts tweak from DGh0st repo ( It’s not required if you’re on iOS 13 though.

NOTE: volume is changed for whole system, it’s the same as if you change it in the Control Center. It means you can’t for example set Spotify to 100% and a game to 20% and expect Appaze to do the balance. If you’re playing the game, system volume will be set to 20% (so for both Spotify and the game).

If you encounter any issue with the tweak, please contact me and I’ll do my best to fix it. And if I can’t do anything to fix it, I will have no problem to refund your purchase.
Ensure you have in your sources to be able to install.

Note: Some screenshots include modifications to the status bar, which are coming from another tweak. It’s not included in Appaze 2.

Feel free to follow me on my Twitter @AnthoPak to get live updates about my tweaks.

Check out a full video review of Appaze 2 here.

What’s New in Version 1.4.1

  • Initial release on Chariz (switched from Packix)
  • Improve layout of Volume and Brightness sliders on small devices
  • Some optimizations and minor improvements