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If you’re a iOS 13/14 user, or if you’re between iOS 11 and 13 and would like a bunch of new features, check out Appaze 2 here!

Set custom volume/brightness/toggles per app, directly from 3D Touch menu!

This tweak allows you to customize volume, brightness, and a bunch of toggles (WiFi, Cellular, Orientation Lock, VPN, …) for a specific app, directly using its 3D Touch menu!
Every time the customized apps are in foreground (open from Home Screen, App Switcher, …) it will set the chosen values. And there is an option to restore previous values every time you exit the app.

Basic use case: when using a GPS app, you want both volume and brightness to be at 100%, and WiFi to be disabled (so that it doesn’t stay connected to your home WiFi). You can even enable Do Not Disturb for safe driving! And when exiting the GPS, you want your previous values to be restored.
It is designed to look as stock and as convenient as possible, so that you can customize it in a matter of seconds.

The settings pane allows you to:

  • Disable volume, brightness or toggles item (if you’re not interested in one of these)
  • Enable/disable each toggles (Orientation Lock, Bluetooth, Cellular, WiFi, Airplane, DND, Auto Brightness, Location, VPN, Night Shift, Low Power Mode, Auto Screen Lock)
  • Enable restoring volume and/or brightness values on app exit (meaning the custom values are applied only when the app is in foreground)
  • Enable restoring previous values for each toggle on app exit
  • Show HUD for volume and/or brightness
  • Show items before stock items in 3D Touch menu
  • Enable smooth brightness change animation

Languages: if you want me to add your language, so that the tweak looks even more native, just contact me and I’ll add it.

Compatible from iOS 11.0 to iOS 12.5, all devices.

It’s also fully compatible with dark mode tweaks (Noctis, Dune, Carbon Dark Mode), and with other tweaks which add items to 3D Touch menus, such as Unsub or QuickPrefs.
If your iPhone doesn’t have Force Touch, just install the great Force3DAppShortcuts tweak from DGh0st repo ( Don’t install version from BigBoss since it hasn’t been updated.

NOTE: volume is changed for whole system, it’s the same as if you change it in the Control Center. It means you can’t for example set Spotify to 100% and a game to 20% and expect Appaze to do the balance. If you’re playing the game, system volume will be set to 20% (so for both Spotify and the game).

If you encounter any issue with it, please contact me and I’ll do my best to fix it. And if I can’t do anything to fix it, I will have no problem to refund your purchase.
Feel free to follow me on my Twitter @AnthoPak to get live updates about my tweaks :)

What’s New in Version 2.1.2

  • Initial release on Chariz (switched from Packix)
  • Some optimizations and minor improvements
  • Update “My Other Tweaks” section