Airaw is a tweak to add extensions to CarPlay!

This tweak gives you extra extensions for CarPlay. CarPlay generally supports a 2 × 4 icon grid for a total of 8 icons on the Home Screen. For some people this may not be enough and that is where Airaw comes in handy.

Airaw can customize your CarPlay setup to your liking. You can change the wallpaper or you can customize your status bar. If you like how Airaw works, please consider making a donation through PayPal.

Doing so will motivate me to update the tweak and put more functions on it or you can follow me on Twitter.

If you have a feature request you want me to add, I will respond on Twitter.

Features Included

  • Enabling and disabling the tweak on demand
  • Choosing between 2 to 4 app icons rows on the CarPlay Home Screen
  • Choosing between 4 to 6 app icons columns on the CarPlay Home Screen
  • Choosing icon size
  • Hiding the labels from app icons on the CarPlay Home Screen
  • Hiding the label backgrounds from app icons on the CarPlay Home Screen
  • Choosing a custom CarPlay icon label background color
  • Hiding the dots
  • Choosing between Only Wallpaper or Wallpaper Slide Show
  • Choosing an image to use as the CarPlay Home Screen’s wallpaper
  • Choosing between default scaling it for “fit”
  • Playing music as wallpaper
  • Custom status bar Enabling
  • Date & time format