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Airaw is a Tweak to give extensions to CarPlay!

Click 日本語説明文 here for the explanation in 🇯🇵 Japanese.

This tweak to give you extra extensions for CarPlay. CarPlay generally supports a 2 × 4 icon grid for a total of 8 icons on the home screen. For some people this may not be enough and that is where Airaw comes in handy. Check out the iDownloadBlog review.

Airaw is made to customize CarPlay to your liking. You can change the wallpaper as you wish, as well as customize your Status Bar.

Demo images

If you like how Airaw works, make me a donation through PayPal. That will motivate me to update the tweak and put more functions on it. or support me by following me on Twitter.

Airaw API for developers

Airaw API serves to facilitate the creation of widgets for CarPlay. for more information visit the Airaw API page.
If you want to know more detailed creation method, I will reply on Twitter.

Features Included

Icon Layout:

  • Generate transparent Icons
  • Choosing between 2 to 4 app icons rows on CarPlay
  • Choosing between 4 to 6 app icons columns on CarPlay
  • Choosing icons size
  • CarPlay dashboard app icon Top offset
  • CarPlay dashboard app icon Bottom offset
  • CarPlay dashboard app icon Left offset
  • CarPlay dashboard app icon Right offset
  • Hiding the Dots
  • Hide Icon Label (CarPlay)
  • Hide Label Background (CarPlay)
  • Choosing a custom CarPlay icon label background color
  • Hiding the Dots
  • Select apps to display in full screen(requires CarBridge)


  • Choosing between Only wallpaper or Wallpaper Slide Show
  • Choosing an image to use as the CarPlay Screen wallpaper
  • Choosing between default scaling it for “fit”
  • Playing music as wallpaper

Status Bar:

  • Custom Status Bar Enabling
  • Date format & time format customization
  • Disable default Status Bar
  • Status Bar position
  • Show weather icon
  • Show temperature
  • Show devices icons
  • Removed the default battery icon in the Status Bar.
  • Removes the splash screen when starting CarPlay


  • Add Widgets
  • Widget resizing
  • Widget position change


Q. Icon label color selection cannot be saved.
A. Check out this Tweet.

Q. The weather icon is not displayed correctly.
A. Check out this Tweet.

Q. App does not display in full screen.
A. Check out this Tweet.

Future Functions

  • [x] Real-time update when changing Wallpaper
  • [x] Status Bar time can be changed to your own custom format
  • [x] Added weather forecast icon to Status Bar
  • [x] View app in full screen (demo)
  • [ ] Split View function of the app
  • [ ] Get notifications with CarPlay
  • [ ] Create a folder with CarPlay
  • [ ] Create interactive widgets even in HTML


  • iOS 13-14.5
  • arm64 & arm64e

Tested devices & tweaks

  • iPhone 7 iOS14.2 (Taurine)
  • iPhone Xs Max iOS14.4 (unc0ver)
  • iPhone 6s iOS14.4.1 (checkra1n)
  • CarBridge

Refund Policy

Change of Mind: Change of mind returns are allowed within 24 hours of purchase being made under acceptable circumstances. Rude or vulgar refund requests will be denied.

Issue Based Return: Refunds requested due to issues such as crashes (safe modes) or graphical bugs must provide clear details of the issue. Further information may be asked in order to help resolve the issue. Requests may be closed if there is no response within 5 days.

Incompatibility Return: No refund requests based on incompatibility with other tweaks and/or software will be filled, as I do not have control over other software and therefore cannot guarantee that compatibility is possible. I do not have any responsibility for, nor do I have any control over third-party tweaks.


We collect the UDID, only for activating tweak.
Your device has to be connected to Chariz to download license file only when you access to its preference.
Airaw of version 1.5.3 and higher will have DRM protection.
I will NOT provide any support for people using cracked tweaks.

Feedback & Bug Report

What’s New in Version 1.5.5

  • Fixed a crash when connecting to CarPlay.
  • Fixed an issue where Taurine Jailbreak could not get Airaw API music information.