Version History


  • Fix bug where Amiibo directory is never created causing files to not be saved


  • Update Localisations
  • Localisations are now updated automatically in the background
  • Fixed a bug where key_retail.bin files would incorrectly be marked as invalid


  • Fixes bugs were sessions would sometimes not start/timeout
  • Added initial locale support, you can now change language in Settings and contribute on Crowdin.
  • Reduced app load time


  • Save Tag option now on emulate page
  • Fixed bug where re-scanning a tag would reset its name
  • Reading/Writing Amiibo is now possible on 6S/SE
  • Emojis/Special Characters can now be in the tag name
  • Fixed a bug where emulation wouldn’t properly start in the app, this may fix some tags not being read correctly
  • More descriptive errors when a tag load fails


  • Initial release