HomePlus Pro (Beta)

This product is currently not available for purchase.

If you previously purchased HomePlus Pro on iOS 13, send an email to homeplusold@krit.me with proof of purchase and your Chariz username. Updates are, and always will be, free.

HomePlus Pro

Revolutionary layout editing for iOS.

Live, painless, precise editing. No constant resprings. More features than you’ll ever need in a design you’ll love.

Pinch your home screen to open the editor UI, and spread to close. There’s no need to read an instruction manual on how to use the tweak; the UI just makes sense.

HomePlus Pro is and will always be open source. You can view the source code at https://github.com/KritantaDev/HomePlusPro.

While I test as well as I can, new releases will always have bugs. If you find one, send an email to support@krit.me, and i’ll work with you to get it fixed <3

Give me a shout with feedback, bug reports, or screenshots of your setup!

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Main Features

  • Main screen and dock editing, both in the same simple UI
  • Modify Top/Side offsets (Auto-centers when side-offset is left at default)
  • Icon horizontal/vertical spacing
  • Any amount of rows/columns
  • Icon scale and alpha
  • Layouts can be saved and loaded with different names, and easily swapped between

HomePlus has several other features; anything you would expect in a homescreen editing tweak is there (and more).

Features are constantly being added, so if you want to see one, let me know! I’m always looking for ways to improve it.

Extension framework

HomePlus Pro comes with a built in system that allows other tweaks to add their own preference options to HomePlus without requiring a single line of code on their part.


Do you have a question? Important feature you think I should mention? Let me know at suggestions@krit.me!